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Welcome to the web home of Hayley Dyer. I invite you to check out my photography and paintings. Thanks for stopping by.

About me

About me

At my day job, I’m a writer, content strategist, digital marketer, trainer, manager, and leader. Check me out on LinkedIn to learn more about all that.

In my off hours, I’m a painter, photographer, book worm, aspiring chef, mom, and wife. You can see that side of me on this site.

I’ve lived all over the west coast, but finally found home in the high desert of Nevada. I live with my husband, girls, and dog on a hill covered with sagebrush. I like watching the sunrise on the mountains.

Thanks for stopping by

I’d be happy to hear from you. If you’d like to get in touch with my about my art or my day job, find me on LinkedIn.

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